Winner of 2018 Ot Haizuv Landscape architecture Categoty, for the biodiversity project in Park Ariel Sharon

Winner of 2018 Ot Haizuv Landscape architecture Categoty, for the dead sea promenade

Second Place, Landscape Architecture, "Israeli Architecture", 2017 for the dead sea promanade

Winner of 2011 Karavan Prize for Planning and Northern Promenades in Tel Aviv for Reading Park Project

Project of the Year, Landscape Architecture Category from "Israeli Architecture", 2009, for Jaffa Landfill Park

Honorary Mention, Domus Design Magazine, 2010, for Jaffa Landfill Park

Second Place, "Foundations of the Valley", Architects' Association and EU, 2009, for Jaffa Landfill Park

Second Place, Landscape Architecture, "Israeli Architecture", 2014 for Porter School of Environmental Studies

"Landscape Architecture Medal", Landscape Architects' Association, 2015, for Gan Be'Ivrit, Rishon Lezion

Annual Award for Landscape Architecture, "Israeli Architecture", 2006, for Landscape Development at Daniel Center

Landscape Architects of the Year, Mashov, 2007

Co-winners, "Council for a Beautiful Israel", awarded to Bar Ilan University for selected projects, at Israeli President's Home, 2004

Second Place, Planning Hod Hasharon Competition, for Magdiel Square

Winner of international competition in Germany, Commemoration Site for Ravensbuk Concentration Camp

Commissioned Participants, international competition by Bracha Foundation, 2004, for Hiriya Park